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SummaryMag08 - 7 Resonance Curve relation between the...

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February 26, 2008 Phys. 315 Schrodinger equation 1. Schrodinger equation. 2. Eigenstates of energy have a simple time dependence. Magnetic Moments in Magnetic fields. 1. Hamiltonian (energy) for magnetic moment in magnetic field. 2. H is adapted from energy in classical physics. 3. H can be diagonalized to find eigenvalues and eigenstates of energy. Precession 1. Magnetic moment precession in a magnetic field; initial conditions; comparison with torques, change of angular momentum in Classical Physics. 2. Examples: magnetic field in z direction and at an angle θ with z axis. 3. Rotating reference frames and fictitious magnetic field B f . 4. Rotating magnetic field B 1 and effective magnetic field B eff in the rotating frame. 5. Resonance: when rotation frequency matches precession frequency. 6. Molecular Beam resonance
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Resonance Curve; relation between the omega’s and the B fields. 8. State populations at room temperature (kT = 1/40 eV). Proton freq = 42 MHz/T NMR 1. NMR set up; “rotating” B 1 field, spin flip; induced signal 2. Chemical shifts; molecular signatures. 3. Images: field gradients give different resonant frequencies. 4. Longitudinal and transverse relaxation times: T 1 and T 2 , T * 2 . 5. RF Pulses: 90 o , 180 o , spin echo; effect of field inhomogeneity. Adding Spin ½ Angular Momentum 1. Direct Product States + +, + − , − +, − − 2. Eigenstates of total S 2 and S z 3. Singlet and Triplet states 4. Hydrogen hyperfine structure; 21 cm (1420 MHz) radiation 5. Helium ground state; Antisymmetric (Singlet) state 6. Spin zero particle decays into a pair of spin ½ particles in singlet state....
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