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Lecture Summary Phys. 225/315 Jan. 30, 2008 Polarization of Light Classical description, Photons, application to QKD Spin 1. Force on a current loop in inhomogeneous magnetic field 2. Magnetic moment (proportional to angular mom). 3. The Stern-Gerlach experiment and quantization of angular momentum 4. Two State Systems: Analogy between Spin ½ and Photon Polarization 5. Stern-Gerlach devices analogous to Polaroid filters. 6. States and operators for Spin ½ . vector (Dirac notation) ket | > dual vectors, bra < | inner products < | > , normalization 7. Projection operators. | >< | Spectral decomposition of operators. 8. Matrix representation of states and operators for Spin ½
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Amplitudes and expansion in series of basis states. 10. Probability of the result of a measurement of a component of spin Magnitude squared of probability amplitude. State of a system after a measurement, Result of a measurement 11. Operators for S z , S x , S y eigenvalues and eigenstates 12. Average = Σ a n P n Expectation values (average values) of S z , S x , S y 13. Expectation values of S z , S x , S y , S 2 behave like components of a classical vector. 14. Properties of Hermitean Operators. Real eigenvalues, expectation values, orthogonal eigenstates. 15. Commuting observables, simultaneous eigenstates....
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