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buddhist practice

buddhist practice - Simbaba(Indian and the first monastery...

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Practice Types Pragmatic Karmic – slightly more advanced than pragmatic Bodhi – ultimate goal, to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of others Prostration Offerings Mani-wheels/mantras Windhorse/ prayer flags Retreat Cho Tummo – sexual yoga Visionary experiences Mandala/mandalization 24 sites of chakrasimvara Various levels to it 3 phases of obtaining _____ Taming of the land by abu kateshbar (Avalokeshvara and Tara)
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Unformatted text preview: Simbaba (Indian) and the first monastery Demons bound to an oath Milarepa must tame over and over Binding broken oaths Feminine landscape tamed by sexual dominance Examining Shabkar himself Pg. 399 – cave of subduing mara (devil-like figure); encounters hearth that milarepa cooked with Others awed by this opening/uncovering of the site much like milarepa...
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