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tantra notes - Emptiness(not nothing-ness Exposes emotional...

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Emptiness (not nothing-ness) Exposes emotional character of world Daily life is not that different from ‘night life’ Encounter our emotions in people around us Emptiness exposes this Emphasis on perceptions/senses Diff cultures, diff emphasis Decondition current perceptual processes Language Representative, not real Not just a hook into the real world Not universal, not natural Question daily ordinary practices as well Buddhist philosophy Experiential introduction into how our minds/body/being is interdependent with the world Stability is transient; many bundles of relationships Does not mean ethics are out the window Vajrayana/Tantra Widespread throughout Asia, emerges in 6 th century CE Every form of Tantra soaked in by Tibet, unlike any other Asian nation Considered the highest form of Buddhism in Tibet Problem for us and Buddhists Considered by many Tibetans as impossible given context New motifs Power, sex, violence, antinomianism Explosion of ritual in Tantra New contemplative techniques Highlight visualization Body yoga Nonmonasticism, critique of Perfection of one without monastery Initiation focused Renewed focus on deities, bodhisattvas, mandalas (divine circles) (___ court) Shabkar Ritual seen throughout Function? Deities, visualizations, references, actions, when, where, how? Tantric motifs in Shabkar; what is there in terms of power, sex, violence Early Buddhism sets up ethics (Himayana) Monastic ‘codebook’ – Vinaya Renounce, control, give up materials But just an idealized dream (from Tantric perspective)
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tantra notes - Emptiness(not nothing-ness Exposes emotional...

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