pilgrimage - Shabkar Chapter 9 After mother's death, he...

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Shabkar Chapter 9 After mother’s death, he embarks on massive pilgrimage Starts with vision of tara/drolma/savior (most important female deity) Incarnates compassion, saves from danger and fear Vajra-varahi (adamantine sow) Wrathful Emanation vs reincarnation – propagation in nirvana vs samsara; control vs no control Tulku – emanated body refers to lamas and other similar people Transition from NE Tibet to pilgrimage Resolution by following her advice to embark on pilgrimage Shows compassion to vajra-varahi; given a spiritual gift to help others (in a dream) Vajra-varahi’s pretend paralysis parallels his and his mother’s; liberation via compassion Not to escape, but to liberate and engage in service and teaching of others Compassion involves structure of others Shabkar chapter 10 Three Great Buddhist/Sacred Mountains: Tsari, kailash, lachi (mandala of cakrasamvara and vajra-varahi) Leaves tsari to samye then to lhasa (center of pilgrimage) Once every 12 years, there’s a huge pilgrimage to the mountains (lunar calendar based) 60-year cycle called rabjung; composed of five 12-year cycles (12 animals, 5 elements) Tsari – crystal mountain; all others are ministers to it 2800 deities/spiritual agents living in on the mountain A pure land; pragmatic and spiritual benefits Not about the locality, but the universal aspects Offerings common and popular pilgrimage practices Consciousness transfer – accidental death before liberation Visualize consciousness to shoot up and down body, then out top of skull Tummo practice – can cause bodily heat to rise excessively Shabkar Chapter 11
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pilgrimage - Shabkar Chapter 9 After mother's death, he...

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