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final questions - Emptiness and compassion Seemingly...

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Emptiness and compassion Seemingly contradicting Emptiness in solitary retreat/community disengagement Compassion all about engagement, down to community Both are about dissolution of boundaries Compassion dissolving boundaries between self and other Emptiness dissolves boundaries; explores interdependence between world and self Emptiness can lead to compassion; experience world within/reciprocity Avoid fixation of self, moral superiority Shabkar During Mt. Kailash: opens door and teaches following death of mother Format of exam Identification, short answer (1 paragraph), essay Lectures, readings, discussion All life forms go through bardo Minus hell – karmic momentum so great when heading to hell What tantric implement is mt. tsari compared with? Compared to crystal stupa; seen in Shabkar Stupas – sites/homes of deities, mandalas and relics Vajra on its side Or just mandala Opening doors of ne (sacred place) Idea of hidden lands not open to humans Lamas could open for settling Way people are anchored to a landscape; evokes emotions and practice
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final questions - Emptiness and compassion Seemingly...

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