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s11 - heads"H1" or"H2" for the Unfair...

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Solution to Problem 11 Congratulations to this week’s winner Daniel Reeves There were three other solutions submitted. Correct solutions were also received from Kevin Bourrillion and Jeff Decker. Answer: 1/3, 1/5, 1 a) There are two events: The selection of a coin -- resulting in the Unfair Coin, "U", or the Fair Coin, "F" -- and the flip -- resulting in heads, "H", or tails, "T", for the Fair Coin, and in one of the two
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Unformatted text preview: heads, "H1" or "H2", for the Unfair Coin. Each of these events is considered a 50/50 proposition. Event1 Event2 F H F T U H1 U H2 So the conditional probability P(F|H) = P(F and H)/P(H) = (1/4)/(3/4) = 1/3. b) Similarly, Event1 Event2 Event3 F H H F H T F T H F T T U H1 H1 U H1 H2 U H2 H1 U H2 H2 Now P(F|H,H) = P(F and H,H)/P(H,H) = (1/8)/(5/8) = 1/5. c) It must be the fair coin. P(F|H,H,T) = 1....
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