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s13 - arrangement which covers 102 of the 104 square...

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Solution to Problem 13 Congratulations to this weeks winners: Joy Blue, Mike Fitzpatrick, Eric Grennan, Richard Heller, Cheng-Che Huang, Kim Koin, Scott O’Haver, Eric Schlange, Adam Rich. All of you can pick up your prize (25 cents -- which is a quarter more than you had when you started this problem!) from me. Many other solutions were turned with solutions which covered from 15 square inches (must have misunderstood the problem, don’t you think?) to 101 square inches. The winners all found an
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Unformatted text preview: arrangement which covers 102 of the 104 square inches. (Note: The proposer’s best effort was a little more than 100 square inches!) I don’t know if 102 square inches is the maximum possible coverage, but I would be surprised if it were possible to cover much more. I offer a standing prize of $1 to anyone who exceeds the coverage of 102 square inches. All the winning solutions gave the following arrangement of cards. [IMAGE]...
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