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s27 - green-colored squares it will violate the condition...

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Solution to Problem 27 Congratulations to this week’s winners Karrie Mazurkiewicz, Kerrie Kerr, Ray Kremer, Steve Noto Correct solutions were also received from Philip Tucker, Jon Stuff, Jérémy Rostand, Kevin Bourrillion (alumnus), and Erik Lamb (Maroa-Forsyth High School). Three incorrect or incomplete submissions were received. Consider a 4 X 4 block on the board. If it contains (more than) three
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Unformatted text preview: green-colored squares, it will violate the condition, since we will be able to place a triomino on it in such a way as to be all green. So no 4 x 4 block can contain more than two green-colored squares. There are 16 such 4 x 4 blocks, meaning that no more than 32 squares can be colored green. That this number is best-possible can be seen by looking at a standard green and black checkerboard....
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