Note-Chapter_16 - prospective buyers in an attempt to...

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MKT 3401 Section 01, 02 Yinglu Wu NOTE CH 16 o Sales Promotion is marketing communication activities, other than advertising, personal selling, and public relations, in which a short-term incentive motivates a purchase. Objectives of sales promotion Type of Buyer Desired Results Sales Promotion examples Loyal Customers Reinforce behavior Increase consumption Change purchase timing Loyalty marketing Bonus packs Competitor’s Customers Break loyalty Persuade to switch Sampling Sweepstakes, contests, premiums Brand Switchers Persuade to buy your brand more often Price-lowering promotion Trade deals Price Buyers Appeal with low prices Supply added value Coupons, price-off packages, refunds Trade deals Tools for sales promotion o o Premiums o o Sampling o Point-of-purchase promotion o Online promotion Personal Selling : direct communication between a sales representative and one or more
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Unformatted text preview: prospective buyers in an attempt to influence each other in a purchase situation. 1 MKT 3401 Section 01, 02 Yinglu Wu NOTE CH 16 Relationship Selling : a sales practice that involves building, maintaining, and enhancing interactions with customers in order to develop long-term satisfaction through mutually beneficial partnerships. Advantages of personal selling o Detailed explanation or demonstration o Variable sales message o Directed to qualified prospects o Controllable adjustable selling costs o More effective than other promotion in obtaining sale and gaining customer satisfaction Comparison of personal selling & advertising/sales promotion Steps in the selling process o Generating leads o Qualifying leads o Approaching the customer and probing needs o Developing and proposing solutions o Handling objections o Closing the sale o Following up 2...
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Note-Chapter_16 - prospective buyers in an attempt to...

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