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Reading Response: Introduction Formulation of main thesis Contemporary scholars view themselves in a new phase of scholarship, inclining towards the idea that they don’t need to address this seemingly impossible question. Theories about the origin of religion had very little factual grounding—they were held by the “Victorian imagination” 1 amidst “a lacunae of concrete data.” 2 A contemporary attitude of suspicion and there being a problem has arisen in “recent times” 3 towards there being an absolute origin of religion. There has also been a conception that that the idea that there is a sovereign link btw author-originator and “her text is as imaginary as any other assumption of a unitary origin” 4 . Naming of the aims in the article TF: author’s endeavor is to draw attention to books under category of “classics” 5 for 2 reasons: 1) their state which is in an incomplete state of “burial” 6 and 2) the position of the contemporary scholar in relation to these “classic” texts has the role of guarding these txts w an attitude of both veneration & condemnation . Masuzwa has tried in this essay to question & rebuttle against the image of the tools and methods/theories that “western man” has used to show two entities (“observer” & “object”) being mediated by tools/methds/theories, and has used as the basis for seeking knowledge towards an end-goal
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Reading Response Outline [Mon.2.22.2010] - Reading...

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