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Binta Yawreh Faal Assignment 2 TUT0101 Conceptualizing and Measuring Democracy 5) Hypothesis: Democracies are more likely to sign international treaties with other democracies than they are with dictatorships. If we want our hypothesis to be falsifiable, it would not matter whether we used Freedom House or PACL to measure democracy. A hypothesis is falsifiable if it can be tested through observation that could refute it. Both the PACL and Freedom House methods use observation that lead to their further judgment in which they classify if a country is democratic or dictatorship. For the PACL measure, they classify a country as a democracy if the chief executive is elected, the legislature is elected, there is more than one party competing in the elections and there is an alternation in power under identical electoral rules. All of these are observable and therefore can refute the claim that a country is democratic. The Freedom House measure also uses observations to classify a country as democracy, dictatorship or mixed. Observations such as: Is there equal
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Unformatted text preview: treatment under the law? Is the head of state elected in free and fair election? All this leads to a certain classification and this could falsify a country as a democracy. In regards to the hypothesis given, both the PACL and Freedom House can falsify it. The PACL could falsify the hypothesis by first testing if countries the have the qualities of countries are more likely to sign international treaties if some countries that are democratic and can not seem to form international treaties then this has show that this hypothesis has been falsified. For the Freedom House measure, they should check if some of the countries that exempts political right and human right (democracy) are less likely to sign international treaties or rather some dictatorships are more likely to sign international treaties. If this happens then the hypothesis has been falsified because it the fact that it is false can be tested. 6)...
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