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McGill University Prof. Jason Carmichael Winter 2010 Location: Stewart Biology Building S1/3 Time: M-W-F 8:35 – 9:25 Sociology 250 Social Problems Instructor : Jason T. Carmichael Office : 730 Leacock Building Office Hours : Wednesday 9:30-10:30 Phone : office: 514-398-6838; Sociology main office: 514-398-6948 E–mail : Teaching Assistants : Kalyani Thurairajah COURSE DESCRIPTION Societies, however modern they have become, are not utopias. All face a number of challenging issues that must be addressed in an effort to improve and sustain social life. The negative impact of these issues – or social problems – may affect any number of groups in the society (if not the society as a whole) and cause varying levels of conflict and dysfunction. While the effects of social problems such as substance abuse, crime, homelessness, unemployment, discrimination, illiteracy, AIDS, and environmental degradation may be felt by individuals in varying ways, societies’ attempts to deal with these problems must proceed from a fundamental understanding of their social facets and causes. Though they may face similar social problems, solutions to these problems are often influenced by the cultural peculiarities of each society. In this course we will explore a number of major social problems affecting our society and also look at the different approaches taken by other societies in coping with them. COURSE OBJECTIVES To help students understand and apply the sociological perspective when formulating approaches and potential solutions to the various social problems in Canadian society and the rest of the world To increase student appreciation of the complex web of factors associated with any social problem To develop ideas and strategies to solve social problems REQUIRED TEXTS There are two required texts (Available at Paragraph Bookstore on Sherbrooke and McGill College): Tepperman, Curtis, Kwan. 2007. Social Problems: A Canadian Perspective (2 nd Edition). D. Stanley Eitzen (2010) Solutions to Social Problems: Lessons from other societies, 5
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Social - Syllabus - McGill University Prof. Jason...

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