Biology 115 Syllabus

Biology 115 Syllabus - Biology 115 Essential Biology Prof G...

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Essential Biology Prof. G. Brown 3 hours lecture per week Conferences: run by teaching assistants, review lectures, answer questions Lecture slides and voice recordings available on-line. G. Brown Info : [email protected] Phone 514 398 6426 Room N3/11A, Stewart Building Web page Via WebCT Course info: syllabus, mid-term and final exam dates, mid-term exam room assignments, mid-term exam results Readings for each lecture Slides and voice recordings of each lecture Grading Scheme Two mid-term examinations: 25 multiple choice questions, each. Each count for 25% of the final grade Date, room assignments to be announced Final examination: 50 multiple choice questions; 25 on material from since the previous mid-term and 25 from material on the previous two mid-terms. Date, time TBA Major topics, September 2 – November 27 Chemistry fundamentals, biological molecules Cells and cellular energy transformations Genes and chromosomes DNA structure and replication Gene expression and regulation Darwin and evolution The history of life on earth Viruses, prokaryotes, protists Multicellular organisms: plants, fungi and animals Readings: Readings will be taken from Biology: a Guide to the Natural World, Fourth Edition, published by Pearson Benjamin Cummings. The readings are intended to prepare you for lecture and to clarify material covered in lecture. Examination questions will be based only on material covered in lecture. You will not be tested on material in the readings that was not covered in lecture
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Biology 115 Syllabus - Biology 115 Essential Biology Prof G...

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