Stats 204 Syllabus

Stats 204 Syllabus - September 2009 PSYCH 204 Introduction...

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PSYCH 204 Introduction to Psychological Statistics Classes: Building: Palmer Auditorium, MacIntyre522 T/Th 1:00 - 2:30 Instructor: Rhonda Amsel Office Hours: Stewart Bio. N7/17 E-Mail: Rhonda.Amsel@McGill.Ca T/Th 2:30-4:30 and V-Mail: 398-6129 M/W 3:30-5:00 or as posted Content: A three-credit first course in statistics, emphasizing methods for describing data and testing theories for research and everyday use. The topics covered and corresponding sections of the text are listed on the course outline that follows. Prerequisite: Functions or High School Algebra Texts: Ferguson, G.A. and Takane, Y. (1989), Statistical Analysis in Psychology and Education (6th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill. or Gravetter,F. and Wallnau, L. (2008), Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (6th ed). St. Paul: West. Required course pack : the course pack contains partial class notes as well as a short review of some of the more important concepts discussed each week. You’ll also find extra exercises, review problems and sample exam questions. If you have trouble answering the questions in the course pack, they would be appropriate topics for discussion in conference. Calculator: You will need a calculator for the final but calculators may not be programmable or capable of storing text. All work must be shown for evaluation. For additional problems or alternate presentation: Harris, M.B. (1998), Basic Statistics for Behavioral Science Research (2nd ed.). Boston: Allyn and Bacon All texts are on reserve in the Redpath Library. A MyCourses site will be maintained for this course. Method: Two 90-minute classes and one (optional) conference per week. Please bring your course pack and calculator to class. The conference (up to 25 students each) will be led by a graduate student and can provide more individualized assistance than would otherwise be available in a class this size. Your TA will direct your group assignment (see evaluation), involve you in problem-based learning exercises, and review text and lecture material related to assignments and exams. 1
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Stats 204 Syllabus - September 2009 PSYCH 204 Introduction...

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