Assignment 3 Instructions

Assignment 3 Instructions - Psychology 332B, 2009:...

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Warning! Warning! Papers exceeding the word limit are not acceptable. The limit is defined in terms of words, not pages. Marks will be deducted for papers that exceed the limit. This is necessary in the interest of fairness and to protect the TAs from overwork. Psychology 332B, 2009: Assignment 3 Your Name Your Student Number Word Count Requirements: Papers must be typed, double-spaced, and consist of 1050 or fewer words in English, 1175 or fewer words in French. 1050 words is approximately four typed, double-spaced pages. Put your name, student number, and word count, in a large font, at the very top of the paper. The paper is due in class on Friday, March 20. You may hand it in earlier than that by handing it to my secretary or slipping it under my door (N7/16). After class, there will be a box outside my office, and I will accept papers without penalty up to 4:00 PM. Papers handed in late will lose 10% per day up to a maximum of 30%. (Papers handed in on Monday will lose one day.) Marking: The papers will be marked on a 10-point scale. An average, but acceptable paper will
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Assignment 3 Instructions - Psychology 332B, 2009:...

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