Management 3200 review test one

Management 3200 review test one - Management 3200 review...

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Management 3200 review The two key concerns of management effectiveness – achieving desired results (market share) (ends, goals) efficiency - minimizing resource cost, waste (cost) (means) Efficient people tend to be effective (on avg. not a guarantee) Management is both an art (as a practice) and a science (academic discipline) Managers originated in the industrial revolution b/c the skill level of the worker went down b/c of machines so they needed managers to come in and oversee the labors (b/c of machines the productivity increases therefore prices go down and demand rises) Peter F. Drucker - ?? Most business fail b/c of poor management Top – Middle – first line managers First line managers – manage labors; take the plans developed by top and middle level managers and implement the plans efficiently; typically come from the labors (staffing and leading) Middle level management – integrate and interpret ; communicate btw the top and first line managers; ex. regional manager, plant manager ect. (tend to be the first of the three managers fired) (Organizing) Top Manager – strategic planning; legitimacy; ex. CEO, COO (Planning) Corporate Downsizing – retrenchment strategy; get rid of mid level managers; outsource the labor (cheaper); implement technology that links the managers together; reason – efficiency What happens to the survivor syndrome – after downsizing people become sad b/c friends got fired and anxiety b/c they don’t know if they’ll be fired next Line manager – make decisions about what, how and when items are produced; located in all the management positions Staff managers – functional manager; no authority; Functional manager – manage one area (more like the first line managers) General manager – manage many areas; more difficult b/c you have to know more and you have to
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Management 3200 review test one - Management 3200 review...

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