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Chemistry Ch 1 Test - Chemistry Test 1 Chapter 1 Chemistry...

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Chemistry Test 1 Chapter 1 Chemistry – the science that tries to understand what matter does by studying what atoms and molecules do, Chemistry is an experimental science . Chemistry is the study of the properties of materials and the changes that material undergo – at molecular level. Chemistry is very closely related to the molecular physics (chemical physics) as it more and more uses the tools for investigation of molecular and submolecular (subatomic) processes where electromagnetic forces and physical objects (“photons”) play the most important role. Scientific Method – way of learning that emphasizes observations and experimentation to understand the world Observation – measurement or description of some aspect of the physical world Hypothesis – interpretation or explanation of the observations, are tested by experiments Experiment – highly controlled observations designed to validate or invalidate hypotheses, laws or theories Scientific Law – a number of similar observations can lead to the development of a law, brief statement that synthesizes past observations and predicts future ones, answers the question what will happen Theory – one or more well-est. hypotheses may form the basis of a scientific law, a broader and deeper explanation for observations and laws, answers the question why it happens Law of Conservation of Mass – Matter is neither created nor destroyed Atomic Theory – all matter is composed of small indestructible particles called atoms Chapter 2 Measurement – quantitative, compared to an agreed standard, always has a number and a unit Sig Figs – when writing measurements, all the digits written are known with certainty except the last one, which is an estimate o All non-zero digits are significant 1.5 has 2 sig. figs. o Interior zeros are significant 1.05 has 3 sig. figs.
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o Trailing zeros after a decimal point are significant 1.050 has 4 sig. figs. o
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Chemistry Ch 1 Test - Chemistry Test 1 Chapter 1 Chemistry...

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