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August 22, 2007 Wednesday Review Syllabus I. Website/Computer Info A. Access course through WebCT a.) Course homepage is very important; all course info can be found there. b.) Best way to communicate to professor is through e-mail (use course mail in WebCT) c.) Participate in online discussions and interact with other students (i.) timing and consistency of postings is important (e.g. do not respond to posts only during last week of semester) B. Professor’s website: C. Best to use a PC with high speed internet access D. Listen to Podcasts (available on WebCT) before coming to class II. Open door policy for office hours; appointments available III. Textbook A. 2 versions a.) Customized version is designed to be more cost effective b.) Same material B. Read designated chapter before coming to class a.) Professor does not lecture from text, but the information in the book is tested on exams. IV. Grading/Exams
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