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CHEM 232 Spring 2010 Exam 1 Review Sheet Dr. Phil Janowicz February 10, 2010 This is the review sheet that will help to guide your studies for the upcoming exam. This review sheet was written after I wrote the exam, so focus on what’s on this sheet! Some points are very specific, and some are vague. What works best is to make your own review sheet from this one, just like the TAs do. Take each bullet and take your own notes and paste your own examples (a video I made in the fall goes through some of this). You can even bring your review sheet, the TA review packet, and this one into the exam! What’ve you got to lose?! :-D Exam themes: 1) Know the basic structure and properties of morphine and its derivatives. Sweetness and Pain 2) Know the basic structure and properties of a furan. 3) Know how to identify functional groups in a molecule 4) Know how to identify a stereogenic center and to assign R/S configurations (Webcast 4.3) 5) Know how to draw a Lewis structure given an X-ray structure
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