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Blast! notes Mark devlin –balloon telescopes Launches telescopes by balloons (balloon borne telescopes) Birth and evolution of the universe, how we, stars, and galaxies were born Telescopes is high so it picks up the light of starts hidden in space clouds Light from space hits main mirror in blast telescope and it goes through a series of other mirrors and sent to a set of sensors and is recorded Balloon launches very far north in finland get 24 hours of sunlight and it floats high in the atmosphere across the ocean and lands in Canada When blast sees stars light-years away we sort of look into its past Blast takes snapshots of periods of stars’ and galaxies’ past The first official attempt at launching the blast was delayed by rain, but was successful in the end Many of the scientists on the blast team are Christian and view it as a way to see how God created everything A few of the sensors did not work at first The telescope landed successfully with the help of the natives in Canada
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Unformatted text preview: • The second launch was in Antarctica • The second launch is delayed again by bad weather, and despite a few initial complications the launch is successful • Upon landing the parachute misfired and dragged the telescope around the ice in Antarctica • It was dragged 120 miles which is the same as the distance from Philadelphia to Washington DC it was destroyed down to its metal skeleton • The pressure vessel that contains all of the data collected was found 3 miles behind the actual telescope • Blast found that 70 percent of light that comes from space comes from stars that are light years away • It also created a map that shows all of the galaxies in the universe and it will take at least 15 years to analyze all of the data that Blast found on the second trip • Blast! By Mark Devlin is working to get his documentary played nationally in the US and has signed a deal with the Discovery Channel...
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