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English Comp on LOTF - Dickson 1 Nolan Dickson Mr...

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Dickson 1 Nolan Dickson Mr. Rebenstorf English II-8 16 October 2009 Theme Composition The Loss of Civilization Lord of the Flies is a novel written by William Golding about a group of English boys who get into a plane crash and end up on an unmapped island. The boys attempt to start a democratic government where the main character, Ralph, ends up as the leader. Not much later in the novel, the group of boys, lead by Jack, the antagonist of the novel; turn to savage actions by killing Piggy and Simon. A British naval officer saves Ralph and the boys realize that within thirty days they had lost all civilization. The novel features three main themes; they are law vs. anarchy, the struggle between good and evil, and the loss of virtue. The first theme is law vs. anarchy. The novel describes how the boys start off with a civilized lifestyle and a set of basic laws, but the boys resort to barbaric means as they become habituated with the jungle lifestyle. This conflict is represented throughout the
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English Comp on LOTF - Dickson 1 Nolan Dickson Mr...

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