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Stupid Frikin Science Paper - Dickson 1 Nolan Dickson Mr...

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Dickson 1 Nolan Dickson Mr. Sexauer Integrated Science Section T 12 December 2008 Chlorine: The Deadly Cleanser Chlorine is one of the many elements that exist in the known universe, and is also one of the most important. Its uses vary greatly from a choking gas in World War I to ordinary table salt, to a common household cleanser in pools and hot tubs. On the Periodic Table of Elements it is located in the Halogens giving it seven valence electrons and high electro negativity. Chlorine as an element, forms of many bonds due to its chemical breakdown and is found in food and water, naturally in a human stomach, in medicine, in pools and the ocean, but hopefully not purely in anyone’s throat. Chlorine has seventeen protons, which gives it an atomic number of seventeen. Chlorine has three electron shells with two in the first shell, eight in the second shell, and in the last shell, which is known as the valence electrons, it has seven. Because chlorine has seven valence electrons, it is a -1 ion, like all halogens, meaning it needs one more electron to become stable.
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Dickson 2 Chlorine is a yellowish green gas at room temperature with a density 2.5 times as much as air and a very overpowering odor, “that irritates the eyes and throat”(Conkey 1417). At room temperature, Chlorine forms the diatomic molecule Cl 2 . The bonding of the diatomic chlorine is moderately ineffective, which makes the diatomic bond extremely reactive. Chlorine doesn’t only
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Stupid Frikin Science Paper - Dickson 1 Nolan Dickson Mr...

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