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Physics 112 - resistance per meter and the bird’s feet...

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Physics 112/Dr. Johnson Chapter 18 ( 2, 7, 9,30, 34, 45) 2) A service station charges a battery using a current of 6.7 A for 5.0 h. How much charge passes through the battery? 7) An electric clothes dryer has a heating element with a resistance of 9.0 a) What is the current in the element when it is connected to 240V? b) How much charge passes through the element in 50 min? 9) A bird stands on a de electric transmission line carrying 2800A. The line has 2.5x10^-5
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Unformatted text preview: resistance per meter, and the bird’s feet are 4.0cm apart. What is the potential difference between the bird’s feet? 30) A 115V fish tank heater is rated at 110W. Calculate a) the current through the heater when it is operating b) its resistance? 34) At $0.095 per kWh, what does it cost to leave a 25W porch light on day and night for a year? 45) The peak value of an alternating current in a 1500W device is 5.4A. What is the rms voltage across it?...
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