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CHAPTER 19 CORPORATIONS: DISTRIBUTIONS NOT IN COMPLETE LIQUIDATION Instructor: The test items in both the print Test Bank and ExamView test-creation software are numbered by question type within each chapter. Thus, users of ExamView can more easily preview their selections using the printed Test Bank in the same numbering system. Status: Q/P Question/ Present in Prior Problem Topic Edition Edition TRUE OR FALSE 1 Corporate distributions; dividend presumption Unchanged 1 2 Taxability of distributions Unchanged 2 3 E & P: relationship to dividend income Unchanged 3 4 Corporate distributions in excess of basis Unchanged 4 5 Section 1033 involuntary conversion: 5 6 Section 179 expense: Unchanged 6 7 Effect on E & P: depreciation New 8 Effect on E & P: installment sale Unchanged 8 9 Effect on E & P: interest on loans to purchase Unchanged 9 tax-exempt bonds 10 Effect on E & P: Federal income tax paid Unchanged 10 11 Effect on E & P: domestic production activities Unchanged 11 deduction 12 Effect on E & P: meal and entertainment expenses Unchanged 12 13 Effect on E & P: like-kind exchange Unchanged 13 14 Effect on E & P: § 179 expense Modified 14 15 Unchanged 15 16 Qualifying dividends and tax rates Unchanged 16 17 Effect on distributing corporation of a property Unchanged 17 dividend: gains 18 Effect of liabilities assumed on dividend income Unchanged 18 19 Distribution of property with liability in excess of basisUnchanged 19 20 Effect on E & P: distribution of property dividend Unchanged 20 21 Unchanged 21 22 Constructive dividends: nature of Unchanged 22 23 Constructive dividends: Unchanged 23 19-1
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19-2 2009 Annual Edition/Test Bank Status: Q/P Question/ Present in Prior Problem Topic Edition Edition 24 Basis of taxable stock dividends Unchanged 24 25 Constructive dividends: corporate shareholder Unchanged 25 and dividends received deduction 26 Stock dividends: basis Unchanged 26 27 Distribution of stock rights Unchanged 27 28 Stock rights distribution: amount taxable Unchanged 28 29 Advantage of using redemption to acquire stock New of decedent shareholder 30 Qualifying stock redemption versus nonqualified stock New redemption: corporate shareholder preference 31 Basis of property received in a qualifying stock New redemption versus a nonqualified redemption 32 State law not determinative of tax consequences Unchanged 32 33 Stock attribution rules: from grandchildren Modified 33 34 Stock attribution rules: from partner Modified 34 35 Not essentially equivalent redemption: factors in Unchanged 35 applying meaningful reduction test 36 Disproportionate redemption Unchanged 36 37 Disproportionate redemption: effect of attribution Unchanged 37 rules 38 Complete termination redemption: prohibited interest Unchanged 38 39 Complete termination redemption: family attribution Unchanged 39 waiver and creditor interest
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