2 History- 18th Century Colonial British America

2 History- 18th Century Colonial British America - 18th...

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In 1660 there were 75 thousand people in Virginia 4 percent were slaves In 1710 there were 325 thousand In 1760 there were 1,600 thousand In 1775 there ere 2,500 thousand 20 percent were slaves (half a million people) Rapid population increase in the colonies from the late 17th century to the late 18th century Immigration In 18th century the majority of these immigrants were coming from Africa as slaves More people were being born every year than dying Most important factor was natural increase This was successful in the 18th century Population doubles with every generation just to natural increase This was a remarkable achievement Europe was not growing the way it was in the colonies Ben Franklin "Americans were good at many things but best at making babies" In 18th century women gave birth to 8 children on average and 4 survived to adulthood Can't get married unless man can support Marriage delayed until the30s usually- fewer children and less population growth Women- late teens Age of marriage was early 20s instead of early 30s In colonies land was abundant and wages were high In Europe, this is difficult to do but it is much easier in the colonies Population growth depends on economic resources Causes of this growth During revolution, idea as America as a child to Europe was popular More people, more acres for farming, more timber cut down Located on the coast If you would have passed through land, you would cross a lot of wilderness European cultivation was the most populous areas in the 1650s Could travel by road form Charleston to Boston Very few people did this because there was no reason to because colonies were trading over seas with very little intracolonial trade Between 1700 to 1775 there was dramatic growth where the population pushed inland Expansion of settlement Log cabins to frame houses and highways stable self- sufficient societies To profitable economies This helps stabilize society because no on is fighting to establish who is better Winners have emerged and there are no more disputes
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2 History- 18th Century Colonial British America - 18th...

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