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7_SP10 cs188 lecture 2 -- uninformed search (2PP)

7_SP10 cs188 lecture 2 -- uninformed search (2PP) -...

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7 Example: Romania square4 State space: square4 Cities square4 Successor function: square4 Go to adj city with cost = dist square4 Start state: square4 Arad square4 Goal test: square4 Is state == Bucharest? square4 Solution? State Space Graphs square4 State space graph: A mathematical representation of a search problem square4
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Unformatted text preview: there’s a corresponding state space graph s The successor function is represented by arcs s We can rarely build this graph in memory (so we don’t) S G d b p q c e h a f r Ridiculously tiny search graph for a tiny search problem...
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