7_SP10 cs188 lecture 1 -- introduction (2PP)

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7 Unintentionally Funny Stories s One day Joe Bear was hungry. He asked his friend Irving Bird where some honey was. Irving told him there was a beehive in the oak tree. Joe walked to the oak tree. He ate the beehive. The End. s Henry Squirrel was thirsty. He walked over to the river bank where his good friend Bill Bird was sitting. Henry slipped and fell in the river. Gravity drowned. The End. s Once upon a time there was a dishonest fox and a vain crow. One day the crow was sitting in his tree, holding a piece of cheese in his
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Unformatted text preview: mouth. He noticed that he was holding the piece of cheese. He became hungry, and swallowed the cheese. The fox walked over to the crow. The End. [Shank, Tale-Spin System, 1984] Natural Language s Speech technologies s Automatic speech recognition (ASR) s Text-to-speech synthesis (TTS) s Dialog systems s Language processing technologies s Machine translation s Information extraction s Information retrieval, question answering s Text classification, spam filtering, etc… [demos: language]...
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