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6_SP10 cs188 lecture 3 -- a-star search (2PP)

6_SP10 cs188 lecture 3 -- a-star search (2PP) - s The good...

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6 Uniform Cost Search Algorithm Complete Optimal Time Space DFS w/ Path Checking BFS UCS Y N O( b m ) O( bm ) b C*/ ε tiers Y N O( b s+1 ) O( b s+1 ) Y* Y O( b (C*/ ε )+1 ) O( b (C*/ ε )+1 ) * UCS can fail if actions can get arbitrarily cheap Uniform Cost Issues square4 Remember: explores increasing cost contours
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Unformatted text preview: s The good: UCS is complete and optimal! s The bad: s Explores options in every “direction” s No information about goal location Start Goal … c ≤ 3 c ≤ 2 c ≤ 1...
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