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6_SP10 cs188 lecture 1 -- introduction (2PP)

6_SP10 cs188 lecture 1 -- introduction (2PP) - s Drive...

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6 A (Short) History of AI (ctd) square4 1970—88: Knowledge-based approaches square4 1969—79: Early development of knowledge-based systems square4 1980—88: Expert systems industry booms square4 1988—93: Expert systems industry busts: “AI Winter” square4 1988—: Statistical approaches square4 Resurgence of probability, focus on uncertainty square4 General increase in technical depth square4 Agents and learning systems… “AI Spring”? square4 2000—: Where are we now? What Can AI Do? Quiz: Which of the following can be done at present? square4 Play a decent game of table tennis?
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Unformatted text preview: s Drive safely along a curving mountain road? s Drive safely along Telegraph Avenue? s Buy a week's worth of groceries on the web? s Buy a week's worth of groceries at Berkeley Bowl? s Discover and prove a new mathematical theorem? s Converse successfully with another person for an hour? s Perform a complex surgical operation? s Unload a dishwasher and put everything away? s Translate spoken Chinese into spoken English in real time? s Write an intentionally funny story?...
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