5_SP10 cs188 lecture 1 -- introduction (2PP)

5_SP10 cs188 lecture 1 -- introduction (2PP) - b English...

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5 Harder than originally thought s Herb Simon’s prediction came true, but after roughly 40 years instead of after 10 s Eliza: s “ … mother …” b “Tell me more about your family” s “I wanted to adopt a puppy, but it’s too young to be separated from its mother.” b ??? s 1957: Sputnik s Automatic Russian
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Unformatted text preview: b English translation s Famous example: s “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” s E b R b E: “The vodka is strong but the meat is rotten.” Observations s Need some understanding about the world s Computational tractability, NP-completeness, exponential scaling....
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