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4 A (Short) History of AI s 1940-1950: Early days s s 1950: Turing's “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” s 1950—70: Excitement: Look, Ma, no hands! s 1950s: Early AI programs, including s Samuel's checkers program, s Newell & Simon's Logic Theorist, s Gelernter's Geometry Engine s 1956: Dartmouth meeting: “Artificial Intelligence” adopted s 1965: Robinson's complete algorithm for logical reasoning s E.g., generate plan for driving to the airport s 1966: Weizenbaum’s Eliza / Turing test Herb Simon, 1957
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Unformatted text preview: It is not my aim to surprise or shock you---but the simplest way I can summarize is to say that there are now in the world machines that think, that learn and that create. Moreover, their ability to do these things is going to increase rapidly until---in a visible future---the range of problems they can handle will be coextensive with the range to which human mind has been applied. More precisely: within 10 years a computer would be chess champion, and an important new mathematical theorem would be proved by a computer....
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