3_SP10 cs188 lecture 3 -- a-star search (2PP)

3_SP10 cs188 lecture 3 -- a-star search (2PP) - s Chooses...

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3 Recap: Search s Search problem: s States (configurations of the world) s Successor function: a function from states to lists of (state, action, cost) triples; drawn as a graph s Start state and goal test s Search tree: s Nodes: represent plans for reaching states s Plans have costs (sum of action costs) s Search Algorithm: s Systematically builds a search tree
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Unformatted text preview: s Chooses an ordering of the fringe (unexplored nodes) DFS DFS and BFS Algorithm Complete Optimal Time Space DFS w/ Path Checking BFS Y N O( b m ) O( bm ) b 1 node b nodes b 2 nodes b m nodes … s tiers Y N* O( b s+1 ) O( b s+1 ) b s nodes … BFS m tiers...
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