- citizens whom live in America Unfortunately not much has been done to fix this problem I believe that if immigrants want to become citizens then

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Amber Gloyeske EDCI 285 November 12, 2009 Immigration Reflection My views on immigration and citizenship have changed as I have become more knowledgeable about this subject. With my previous knowledge I found no reason that immigrants should not be able to live and work in America. I believed that immigrants came to America for more opportunities and a better life style. I want every person no matter their culture to be able to have a good life and if America is the place to do it, then they should be able to come here without difficulties. Now that I have read articles and periodicals on the different issues within this subject, I now know that immigration is not as it seems. The fact is that immigrants are coming over and taking jobs that belong to
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Unformatted text preview: citizens whom live in America. Unfortunately, not much has been done to fix this problem. I believe that if immigrants want to become citizens then they may do so, but along with becoming a citizen they also have to take on all the responsibilities as a natural born American citizen such as; paying taxes and finding a job. It would be unfair if immigrants did not have to do what Americans do, therefore natural born citizens should have favor with them in the job search. Especially since there is a shortage of jobs, the people who actually were born and live in America should be able to have the opportunity to acquire jobs....
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