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Why Search Engines are used increasingly to Offload Queries from Databases Bjørn Olstad CTO, FAST Search & Transfer Norway [email protected] Abstract The development of future search engine technology is no longer limited to free text. Rather, the aim is to build core indexing services that focus on extreme performance and scalability for retrieval and analysis across structured and unstructured data sources alike. In addition, binary query evaluation is being replaced with advanced frameworks that provide both fuzzy matching and ranking schemes, to separate value from noise. As another trend, analytical applications are being enabled by the computation of contextual concept relationships across billions of docu- ments/records on-the-fly. Based on these developments in search engine tech- nology, a set of new information retrieval infrastructure patterns are appearing: 1. the mirroring of DB content into a search engine in order to improve query capacity and user ex- perience, 2. the use of search engine technology as the default
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