Buffalo Creek Do - Thai Do EE302 Buffalo Creek Engineers...

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Thai Do EE302 Buffalo Creek Engineers have the power to change the world with their abilities in math and science. It is their duty to ensure the well-being of the people that dwell on this world and make their lives easier. But even with that weight on their shoulders, are the engineers who worked on the dams at Buffalo Creek at fault for the tragic event that occurred? Are they the ones that should be blamed for the dams' collapse and the destruction of entire communities? Do the code of ethics of engineers apply to an event of extreme caliber such as the buffalo creek flood? The mining engineers and the Buffalo Mining Company are the ones that should take full responsibility for the damage and deaths that the broken dams caused at Buffalo Creek. In February 1972, in southern West Virginia's Buffalo Creek, a deadly flood occurred as a result of careless mining and heavy winter rains. Dam Number 3 collapsed as a result of the risen water levels and destroyed thousands of homes and vehicles, while leaving thousands more homeless and many injured or dead. The water destroyed two other impoundments and approximately 132 million gallons of black waste water rushed through the narrow Buffalo Creek hollow. The millions of gallons of waste water wiped out the town in minutes and ended up emptying in the Guyandotte River. The entire incident was ultimately the aftermath of mining and engineering gone awry. The Buffalo Mining Company neglected all that engineering stood for according to the the
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Buffalo Creek Do - Thai Do EE302 Buffalo Creek Engineers...

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