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5. Working Memory 28 templates created from them will have the same relationship. You must explicitly declare all such relationships using extends. See the full documenation for deftemplate for details. One final note about Java Beans used with Jess: Beans are often operating in a multithreaded environment, and so it's important to protect their data with synchronized blocks or synchronized methods. However, sending PropertyChangeEvents while holding a lock on the Bean itself can be dangerous, as the Java Beans Specification points out: "In order to reduce the risk of deadlocks, we strongly recommend that event sources should avoid holding their own internal locks when they call event listener methods. Specifically, as in the example code in Section 6.5.1, we recommend they should avoid using a synchronized method to fire an event and should instead merely use a synchronized block to locate the target listeners and then call the event listeners from unsynchronized code." -- JavaBean Specification, v 1.0.1, p.31.
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