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5. Working Memory 27 objects that want to be notified when the PCSAccount object's properties change. This list is managed by the PropertyChangeSupport object that the PCSAccount holds as a member (Why "usually?" If you use definstance to add the object to working memory and specify static as the final argument, then Jess will skip this step.) Of course, many (most) Java classes don't allow you to add PropertyChangeListeners to them, and so for many of the Java objects you'll add to working memory, Jess doesn't register itself with the object in any way. The object is filed away in working memory, and that's it. There are now two main scenarios of interest: an object in working memory can be modified from Jess code, or from Java code. Each of these scenarios can happen with or without PropertyChangeListeners, for a total of four cases. We'll discuss each of these four situations separately. The most important things to remember is that all of the steps discussed here happen synchronously: neither Jess, nor the
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