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5. Working Memory 23 As mentioned previously, shadow facts are just unordered facts that serve as "bridges" to Java objects. By using shadow facts, you can put any Java object into Jess's working memory. 5.3.1. Templates for shadow facts Like all other facts, shadow facts need to have a template, In this case, though, rather than specifying the slots ourselves, we want to let Jess create the template automatically by looking at a Java class. For example, we might be writing a banking program. Our imaginary Java code works with Account objects, like this: import; public class Account implements Serializable { private float balance; public float getBalance() { return balance; } public void setBalance(float balance) { this.balance = balance; } // Other, more interesting methods } At some point the rule-based part of our program needs to deal with these too. Therefore we'll need a template like this: Jess> (deftemplate Account (declare (from-class Account)))
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