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5. Working Memory 19 5. Working Memory Each Jess rule engine holds a collection of knowledge nuggets called facts. This collection is known as the working memory. Working memory is important because rules can only react to additions, deletions, and changes to working memory. You can't write a Jess rule that will react to anything else. Some facts are pure facts defined and created entirely by Jess. Other facts are shadow facts connected to Java objects you provide. Shadow facts act as "bridges" that let Jess reason about things that happen outside of working memory. Every fact has a template . The template has a name and a set of slots , and each fact gets these things from its template. This is the same structure that JavaBeans -- plain old Java objects, or POJOs -- have, and it's also similar to how relational databases are set up. The template is like the class of a Java object, or like a relational database table. The slots are like the properties of the JavaBean, or the columns of a table. A fact is therefore like a single JavaBean, or like a row
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