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3. Jess Language Basics 15 Jess> ?*x* 4 You can read about the set-reset-globals and the accompanying get-reset-globals function in the Jess function guide. 3.8. Control flow In Java, control flow -- branching and looping, exception handling, etc -- is handled by special syntax and keywords like if , while , for , and try . In Jess, as we said before, everything is a function call, and control flow is no exception. Therefore, Jess includes functions named if , while , for , and try , along with others like foreach . Each of these functions works similarly to the Java construct of the same name. 3.8.1. A simple loop For example, a Jess "while" loop looks like this: Jess> (bind ?i 3) 3 Jess> (while (> ?i 0) (printout t ?i crlf) (-- ?i)) 3 2 1 FALSE The first argument to
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Unformatted text preview: while is a boolean expression. The while function evaluates its first argument and, if it is true, evaluates all its other arguments. It repeats this procedure until the first argument evaluates to FALSE ; a while loop always returns FALSE. There are several other looping functions built into Jess; see the descriptions of for and foreach in the Jess function index. There is also a break function that can be used to abort loops as well as return early from the right-hand-side of a rule. 3.8.2. Decisions and branching The if function looks like this: Jess> (bind ?x 1) 1 Jess> (if (> ?x 100) then (printout t "X is big" crlf) elif (> ?x 50) then (printout t "X is medium" crlf) else (printout t "X is small" crlf))...
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