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2. The JessDE Developer's Environment 9 2.2.2. Dependencies among files Sometimes one *.clp file depends on code in some other *.clp file having been read first; for example, rules.clp might need the definitions in templates.clp . Without these definitions, rules.clp will appear to have syntax errors. To deal with this, you can use the require* function. "require*" lets you explicitly declare these dependencies. If a file rules.clp depends on Jess commands being executed from Java, you can deal with this by creating a special file just for this purpose (you might call it ruledepends.clp ). That special file can contain whatever declarations are needed to make rule.clp parse properly in the editor. If you add " (require* ruledepends) " to rules.clp , then this extra file will be parsed only if it's present, as it will be during development. When you deploy the code, you can simply not deploy ruledepends.clp , and allow rules.clp to get its declarations from Java code. The "require" mechanism replaces the "Source dependencies" property sheet from earlier
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