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Unformatted text preview: 2. The JessDE Developer's Environment 8 To use the Rete Network View, you'll need to have the Eclipse Graph Editing Framework (GEF) installed. You can get the GEF from the Eclipse project page here , or install it through Eclipse's built-in update manager. Then to display this view, find it under the "Jess Debugger" group in Eclipse's "Show view" dialog. Then when the cursor is inside a rule in a Jess editor window, the Rete Network View will show the compiled network for that rule. 2.2. Using the JessDE 2.2.1. The Jess language editor The JessDE editor can edit ".clp" files. By default, any file you create with the extension "clp" will be opened using the JessDE editor. There's no separate Jess perspective, or Jess project type; we expect that most people will use the JessDE tools to write the Jess components of a hybrid Jess/Java application, and so the tools expect to be used on files in a Java project. The JessDE uses your Java project's class path to resolve Java class names used in Jess language code --...
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