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2. The JessDE Developer's Environment 7 2. The JessDE Developer's Environment Jess 7 includes an Eclipse-based development environment. There is an editor, a debugger, and a Rete network viewer. More components (a rule browser and other tools) will be included in future releases. 2.1. Installing the JessDE The Jess Developer's Environment (JessDE) is supplied as a set of plugins for the popular open-source IDE Eclipse; in particular, these are plugins for Eclipse version 3.1 or later. Note that the JessDE works only with the full "Eclipse SDK" -- the smaller "Platform Runtime Binary" is insufficient. To install the JessDE, simply exit Eclipse, unzip all the files from Jess71p2/eclipse into the top- level Eclipse installation directory. Confirm that a directory named "plugins/gov.sandia.jess_7.1.0" exists under your Eclipse installation directory, and then restart Eclipse. IMPORTANT! If you're updating from a previous version of the JessDE, you must launch Eclipse with the "-clean" command-line switch to force it to update the information it caches
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