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1. Getting Started 4 1.2. Getting ready 1.2.1. Unpacking the Distribution Jess is supplied as a single .zip file which can be used on all supported platforms. This single file contains all you need to use Jess on Windows, UNIX, or the Macintosh (except for a JVM, which you must install yourself.) When Jess is unpacked, you should have a directory named Jess71p2/ . Inside this directory should be the following files and subdirectories: README A quick start guide. LICENSE Information about your rights regarding the use of Jess. bin A directory containing a Windows batch file (jess.bat) and a UNIX shell script (jess) that you can use to start the Jess command prompt. lib A directory containing Jess itself, as a Java archive file. Note that this is not a "clickable" archive file; you can't double-click on it to run Jess. This is deliberate. This directory also contains the JSR-94 (javax.rules) API in the file jsr94.jar. docs/
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