geriatricneeds - Ryan Maroney 2009 Future of Geriatric Care...

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Ryan Maroney December 4, 2009 Future of Geriatric Care As the first of the nation’s 78 million baby boomers will reach age 65 by 2011, they will be confronted with a healthcare system that is inept to meet their needs. As it stands now, the nation does not possess sufficient education in geriatric care and Medicare will need greater reimbursements to meet the health care demands of an aging population. As John W. Rowe, the chairman of health policy and management at Columbia, states “We face an impending crisis as the growing number of older patients, who are living longer with more complex health needs, increasingly outpaces the number of health care providers with the knowledge and skills to care for them capably. The sheer number of older patients in the coming years will require trying new models for delivering health care and the commitment of greater financial resources.” In order to do this, the government must be more efficient in their treatment of Medicare patients and at the same time reduce the most costly form of health care, that being seniors (65+) who seek emergency room service when it most likely isn’t necessary. 57% of all Medicare patients in hospitals are admitted through the ER. In terms of limiting the costs of hospital visits amongst Medicare patients, the staff must
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geriatricneeds - Ryan Maroney 2009 Future of Geriatric Care...

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