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MuhammadTimeline - 628 CE The Meccans were far from pleased...

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Ryan Maroney 570 CE : Muhammad is Born in the town of Mecca 575 CE Muhammad Becomes an Orphan and is sent to live with relatives 578 CE: He is now under the care of his uncle, Abu Talib 594CE : Muhammad Acts as Caravan for Wealthy Tradeswomen, Khadija, carrying her goods to the north and returning with a profit 595 CE: Khadija, once a widow, and Muhammad fall in love and they are married 610 CE: Irritated by Mecca’s newfound materistic nature he retreated to a cave outside the town. Once there he proceeded to fast and meditate and he was often visited by an overpowering supernatural presence. 613 CE: After experiencing these supernatural powers multiple times, Muhammad decides to make his experiences known publicly to the members of his tribe. His messages were the basis for the Qur’an 622 CE: Muhammad and the Muslims left Mecca and pilgrimaged to what would be later known as Medina, the city of the prophet. He remained here and began building the Muslim community
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Unformatted text preview: 628 CE: The Meccans were far from pleased with Muhammad’s new found success and even more so with the fact that Muhammad’s tribe was recognized as a new force in Arabia 630 CE: The power had now shifted away from those in Mecca towards Muhammad and the muslims. Muhammad and his followers would proceeded to march in Mecca and establish themselves. 632 CE: Muhammad returned to live in Medina where his gained over tens of thousands more followers before eventually dying. He is buried in a mosque in Medina. Other events that were occurring at the same time:- 582 CE: China is unified under the Sui dynasty-595 CE: New appointed Pope Gregory send Roman monks to Enlgand-Anglo-Saxon empire emerged in the beginning of the 7 th century CE- 610 CE: Hercules arrives from Arfica and overthrows the Roman emporer, taking the position for himself 626 : The Avars and the Persians jointly besiege but fail to capture Constantinople...
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MuhammadTimeline - 628 CE The Meccans were far from pleased...

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