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NASE336takehome - Ryan Maroney NASE 336 Take Home 1 1...

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Ryan Maroney NASE 336 Take Home 1. 1 Baikal 2 Tanganyika 3 Superior 4 Nyasa 5 Michigan 6 Huron 7 Victoria 8 Ontario 9 Great Slave 10 Great Bear 11 Ladoga 12 Titicaca 13 Erie 14 Onega 15 Vanern 16 Winnipeg 17 Athabasca 18 Albert 19 Zaisan 20 Chad A Nile B Amazon C Mississippi D Yangzijiang E Parana F Mekong G Lena H Congo I Mackenzie J Niger K Ob L Yenisei M Volga N Indus O St. Lawerence P Ganges
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Q Yukon R Danube S Amur T Salween D) Two other means for ranking the size of lakes could be Area of the lake and the depth of the lake. The Area, the depth, and the volume are all related because the total area (km sqauared) times the average depth will give you the volume of the lake. E) Two other ways of measuring rivers from the table can be the Average runoff of the river per year as well as the area of the river basin. If one wished to determine a value such as the average runoff of a river, the equation: Q= (w)(d)(v). This equation just means that the quantity of discharge from the river is measured as the width of the river * the depth of the river * the volume of flow per time period of the river. 2. A) Colorless, Odorless, Tasteless, expands on freezing, freezes at 0 degreed Celsius, boils at 100 degrees Celsius, molecular weight of 18, specific heat of 75.25 J/mol, maximum density at 4 degrees cesius, solubility for NaCl is 360 g/l, very small for fatty substances B) “Mayah” 3. A) The tap water in Charleston, WV is severely polluted. Tests have shown the tap water to contain extremely high levels of arsenic, barium, lead, manganese and other chemicals. These chemicals not only cause people who touch it to develop burns/rashes but also can cause cancer and damage to kidneys and the nervous system. Congress passed the Clear Water Act (CWA) to force polluters to disclose the toxins they dump into waterways and give regulators the power to fine/jail offenders. The Environmental Protection Agency is also around to protect the environment and can prosecute those who pollute when the state fails to pursue a case. B) In 2008, the Swiss-based company Nestle Waters C) By the year 2050, there will be a world-wide water shortage. Although the shortage of water affects about 400 million people currently, it is expected that approximately 4 billion people will experience water shortages across the globe by the year 2050. The
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