riversandlakes - L Yenisei 13 Erie M Volga 14 Onega N Indus...

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1 Baikal A Nile 2 Tanganyika B Amazon 3 Superior C Mississippi 4 Nyasa D Yangzijiang 5 Michigan E Parana 6 Huron F Mekong 7 Victoria G Lena 8 Ontario H Congo 9 Great Slave I Mackenzie 10 Great Bear J Niger 11 Ladoga K Ob 12 Titicaca
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Unformatted text preview: L Yenisei 13 Erie M Volga 14 Onega N Indus 15 Vanern O St. Lawerence 16 Winnipeg P Ganges 17 Athabasca Q Yukon 18 Albert R Danube 19 Zaisan S Amur 20 Chad T Salween...
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