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COGS 11 Midterm 1 Review: Midterm Exam: Wednesday January 27 th – Bring red ½ page scantron and #2 pencil. Know all the material from the readings! Names of the characters, disorders, symptoms, and where it is in the brain or what part of the brain is affected. Describe and discuss the locations and orientation of the brain areas using the vocabulary from class. o For Example: homunculus, somatosensory and motor cortex, directions (dorsal, ventral, etc.) Discuss the relative size and location of the homunculus. Why do some of the body parts appear to be larger than others? o Compare and contrast the star-nose mole, mouse, and raccoon somatosensory maps. Know the anatomical subdivisions of the brain and their development What is meant by plasticity and reorganization? o Discuss a detailed example of reorganization examined by Ramachandran. What are the differences between top-down and bottom-up processing? o
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